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Great Bend Recreation CommissionEnriching Lives & Strengthening Our Community

The Great Bend Recreation Commission, also known as Great Bend Rec, was established July 1, 1948 as a unit of government to meet the recreational needs of Great Bend, Kansas, and USD 428 in accordance with state statutes. The Great Bend Recreation Commission is an autonomous governmental body governed by a five-member board.

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Great Bend Recreation CommissionOur Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

We are dedicated in providing quality leisure, cultural, sports, fitness and educational programs to improve the quality of the community and the lives of its individuals.

The Great Bend Recreation Commission fulfills its mission by:

  • Organizing, directing and promoting a planned year-round program of varied leisure time activities within the limit of available resources.
  • Assuring that all discretionary leisure time programs and activities are conducted in a safe and supervised environment.
  • Providing leisure time activities that are socially acceptable and economically affordable.
  • Ensuring that activities are available to all citizens of USD 428 regardless of age, race, sex, religion, physical or mental abilities and social or economic status.
  • Cooperating in both programming and planning with all other community agencies that have a similar mission in the community.
  • Continual research and evaluation of the recreational needs of the community.

Vision Statement

We will champion community and personal growth through lifelong recreation experiences.

Great Bend Recreation CommissionFrequently Asked Questions

What does the Great Bend Recreation Commission do?

The Great Bend Recreation Commission provides our community with lifelong wellness, cultural, nature, educational programs and recreational opportunities that promotes healthy lifestyles; bring an economic impact to the community; facilitates social interaction; save lives through Learn to Swim classes; decrease crime; boost property values; and address the growing 55 plus needs.

What services does the Great Bend Recreation Commission provide?

The Great Bend Recreation Commission enriches lives of the community through hundreds of youth and adult programs, after school enrichment programs, outdoor activities, Kids Day Out Camps, community and sports events and sports leagues. Facilities for these activities include the Recreation Center, 1214 Stone Street; Great Bend Activity Center, 2715 18th Street; Sports Complex at 41 McKinley; the Activity Center at 2715 18th Street; Veteran’s Memorial Park at 19th and McKinley; Brit Spaugh Park and Zoo at 19th and Main; the Great Bend Senior Center; various schools district facilities; the Wetlands Education Center. We employ more than 180 seasonal and part time employees.

Does Great Bend Recreation Commission utilize school and city facilities?

Yes. A tremendous partnership with USD 428 and the City of Great Bend allows the Great Bend Recreation Commission to utilize public facilities, schools, parks, gymnasiums, and sports fields for public recreation activities.

Who sets policies for Great Bend Recreation Commission?

A five-member Commission comprised of community members appointed by the Board of Education, the City of Great Bend and one at-large commissioner determine our policies. Commissioners  shall serve a minimum of  four-years to a maximum eight year term limit without compensation.

When does the Great Bend Recreation Commission conduct their meetings?

The Commissioners meet on the second Monday of each month at the Great Bend Recreation Center on 1214 Stone Street at 4 pm.